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Lindsey Schuhmacher

Clark College
English Instructor and Instructional Designer
Hi everyone,

My name is Lindsey Schuhmacher (soon to be Lindsey Bombadil).

I am an English and Humanities Instructor. I've been with the Clark College English department since 2013 and have taught most levels of composition (097-102), science fiction/fantasy, and American literature. I am also an Instructional Designer in the eLearning department.

I also teach at Portland State University, where I created the senior Capstone "Embracing Size Diversity," a community-based-learning course that looks closely at size discrimination and public health issues surrounding fat phobia. I am passionate about promoting body positivity and the principles of the Health at Every Size™ (HAES) paradigm. Next year, I will also be teaching a Capstone on diversity in children's literature and literacy.

My academic interests involve writing, children’s literature, science fiction, rhetoric, philosophy, food studies, fat studies, and instructional design. I have a B.S. in Philosophy, an M.A. in English, and am completing an M.F.A. in Creative Writing with a focus on writing for young people.