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Jeanette Smith-Perrone

Tacoma Community College
Professor, IT
Tacoma, WA

I have a record of over 35 years of outstanding proven success in the leadership, strategic planning, project management, project implementation and support of corporate operations for fast-paced logistics, legal, health care, education, retail, utility, food product, grocery, graphic design, manufacturing, distribution, non-profit and government organizations. Throughout my career, I have consistently received commendations for my technical skills, leadership, professionalism, pro-active project management style, attention to detail, dedication to a stable computing environment, client-centric focus, and for the excellence of my communication skills. These skills are invaluable tools that support my interest in better understanding the business processes supported by technologies in team based environments. My goal is to bring my breadth of experience and energy to work for an organization seeking to improve process, practice, and performance.

I am an example of my own beliefs regarding learning, coaching, mentoring, and continued growth in a lifelong career. My focus is to improve my own skills to meet the changing needs of organizations while providing guidance through coaching and mentoring. Throughout my own professional evolution I have provided career guidance, team building skills, and strong foundation skills development as the Program Chair and Professor of Networking and Cyber Security with Tacoma Community College. My goal is to use my understanding of technology, business, education and organizational development to help organizational and individuals achieve greater success through the implementation of effective change processes.

I believe that our responsibility as leaders in an organization is to effectively manage change, leverage technology to support and improve business processes, support value adding innovations, provide cost effective solutions to business needs, provide stellar client centric support, and wisely manage escalating costs. Effectively contributing as a member and leader of a team is a necessary skill in today’s dynamic business environment. The ability to motivate and inspire the members of your team is essential to having the flexibility and skills on demand to address the changing needs of an organization. My goal would be to apply my unique perspective, technology acumen, leadership skills, enthusiasm, vision, and drive as a forward thinking organization seeks to meet future strategic objectives.